Pfestive Pfeffermisu: Pfeffernüsse (Ginger Biscuit) Tiramisu

Posted by Dani (@dani_sunario), Melbourne.

No, David Tennant, you are not ginger. But this decadent desert most definitely is. I give you…



Yep, I’m still obsessed with pfeffernüsse. How about we just go ahead and make it A Tale of Two Bougies’ ingredient of the week?

*Warning: This dessert is definitely not dairy, gluten, or calorie free. Go ahead, treat yo’self.

Pfeffernüsse? Check.

Pfeffernüsse in place of sponge fingers? Check.

Enough dairy to make you wish you were lactose intolerant for ever after? Check.

Coffee AND chocolate? Obviously, let’s not be stupid now.

You will regret not eating this. But then again, you probably will regret eating it too. Get yo’self ready, it’s food baby time.


Makes 2 (large, and very decadent) serves

2 shots freshly brewed espresso, cooled
125g marscapone
200g Pfeffernüsse biscuits, cut into 1cm strips
150mL thickened cream
1 egg, separated
1/4 cup icing sugar
2 pieces crystallised ginger, diced finely
1 vanilla pod

Beat egg yolks and sugar until pale and creamy.

Beat egg white in a clean bowl until thick and fluffy. Beat it. Just beat it.

In a separate bowl, combine cream and marscapone, before folding in the beaten egg white, the yolk mixture, ginger, and seeds from the vanilla pod.

Soak the pfeffernüsse strips in cooled espresso, making sure they are soft but not soggy.

Make like an onion and layer it up, starting with the biscuits and alternating with the cream mix.

Top it with shaved dark chocolate, or some of the gingery rocky road you made yesterday.  I don’t blame you if you don’t have any left though. Perhaps it’s time to go make some more?

I layered my Pfeffermisu in jam jars wrapped up all pff-pff-pffestively. Mostly to make them more portable for gifting, but also because everything tastes better in a jar. Duh.

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